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Ronald Radford

Consultant - Operations & Reporting

Ronald Radford is an accomplished professional in retail and ticketing point of sale systems, with extensive domestic and international consulting experience. His expansive knowledge covers retail, ticketing, and accounting systems analysis, with robust project management and strategic planning capabilities. He is recognized for his impressive data migration, report writing, and SQL skills, and his hobbyist programming further complements his professional expertise. 

In his previous role as Chief of Operations at Vivaticket, Ronald managed regional project management, implementation, customer support, and quality assurance teams for the company's enterprise ticketing and e-commerce solution. His responsibilities spanned providing project estimates to the sales team, coordinating project deliverables, and handling customer management escalations. He made significant contributions, such as achieving PCI-DSS certification for Azure-hosted services environment, creating new billable services, improving reported billable hours, and implementing daily stand-ups for enhanced team communication and solutioning. 

Ronald served as the Senior System Analyst at Monterey Bay Aquarium, where he was responsible for senior-level administration and support for the aquarium's ticketing and e-commerce systems. His accomplishments include the implementation of Tessitura as a ticketing and e-commerce solution, complete reconstruction of business reporting solution, and the development of various functional modules in the ticketing solution. 

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