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Randy Ross

Consultant - Fraud Prevention

Randy Ross is a seasoned customer experience professional, passionate about changing the status quo and delivering the highest quality customer service. He has extensive expertise in call/contact center management, program management, and online fraud (CNP) prevention. 

His experience spans a broad range of roles across various organizations, including as Manager of Sales Integration at Universal Destinations & Experiences, Project Manager of eTicketing Integration, Client Success Manager at accesso, and Program Manager at Gateway Ticketing Systems. His most recent role was with San Diego Zoo Global, where he served as Marketing Manager for Fraud Prevention and eCommerce as well as Marketing Supervisor for Advance Ticket Fulfillment & eCommerce. 

Randy's talent, deep knowledge, and passion for fraud management and prevention have made him a respected expert in his field. His unique understanding of purchase behavior, coupled with his skill in rule writing/scoring, has been key to his success in various roles. His contributions to Gateway Ticketing Systems included scoping and writing complex enhancements for a significant project, and his practical advice helped customers take steps to retain more of their revenue. 

Praised for his industry knowledge and skills, Randy is known for continuously expanding his toolbox and learning new skills. His dedication and analytical prowess have earned him respect and admiration from colleagues and clients alike. Randy's innate ability to lead and his commitment to excellence make him an invaluable asset to any organization seeking to enhance customer experience, streamline logistics, improve quality assurance, and fight against fraud. 

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