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Increasing Ticket Sales Profitability through Mobile Sales at an Aquarium Case Study

This case study explores the positive impact of implementing mobile sales strategies, including a mobile-friendly web store, and transitioning away from in-person walk-up sales on the profitability of ticket sales at an aquarium. The aim was to enhance customer convenience, reduce overhead costs, and boost revenue generation. The results demonstrate the significant benefits of adopting mobile sales technologies in the aquarium industry.


Aquariums attract visitors of all ages, offering an immersive experience with marine life. Traditional ticket sales methods often involved in-person walk-up purchases, which presented limitations in terms of convenience and efficiency. This case study investigates the implementation of mobile sales techniques, including a mobile-friendly web store, to improve ticket sales profitability while reducing overhead costs.


  • Development of a Mobile-Friendly Web Store: The aquarium established a responsive and user-friendly web store optimized for mobile devices. This included intuitive navigation, clear ticket descriptions, and secure online payment options.

  • Promotional Campaign: The aquarium launched a comprehensive marketing campaign to raise awareness about the new mobile sales platform. This involved social media promotions, targeted online advertisements, and partnerships with local tourism agencies.

  • Incentives and Discounts: To incentivize customers to utilize the mobile web store, the aquarium offered exclusive discounts, early bird ticket prices, and promotional codes for online purchases.

  • Transitioning Away from Walk-Up Sales: Over time, the aquarium gradually decreased walk-up sales availability and encouraged customers to use the mobile sales platform. This was achieved through clear signage and staff guidance on the benefits of mobile sales, such as shorter wait times and contactless transactions.


  • Increased Ticket Sales: The implementation of mobile sales techniques led to a substantial increase in ticket sales. Customers found the convenience of purchasing tickets anytime, anywhere, through their mobile devices highly appealing. The streamlined online experience encouraged more spontaneous visits and improved overall ticket sales volume.

  • Reduced Overhead Costs: Moving away from in-person walk-up sales resulted in reduced staffing requirements and operating expenses. With fewer ticket counters needed, the aquarium optimized its resources, redirecting staff to other areas of operation while achieving cost savings.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: By offering mobile ticket sales, the aquarium significantly improved the overall visitor experience. Customers appreciated the ability to bypass long queues and purchase tickets effortlessly, leading to increased customer satisfaction and positive word-of-mouth recommendations.

  • Data-Driven Insights: The mobile sales platform allowed the aquarium to collect valuable customer data, including demographics, purchasing patterns, and visitation trends. These insights facilitated targeted marketing campaigns, personalized offers, and ongoing improvements to the overall visitor experience.


The case study showcases the positive outcomes of implementing mobile sales strategies, such as a mobile-friendly web store, in the aquarium industry. By shifting away from in-person walk-up sales and embracing mobile technology, the aquarium experienced increased ticket sales profitability, reduced overhead costs, improved customer satisfaction, and gained valuable data insights. These findings highlight the importance of embracing digital solutions and catering to changing customer preferences to drive revenue growth and operational efficiency in the aquarium business.


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