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Kristen Seitz

Founder & Senior Consultant

Kristen Seitz is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse range of expertise in the field of ticketing operations and leadership. With a strong background in strategic planning, operations management, and team development, Kristen has consistently delivered exceptional results throughout her three decades of experience in the leisure industry.   Kristen's passion for excellence and innovation has been evident in her career initially at Walt Disney World where she quickly established herself as a leader for implementing new projects. After her time with Walt Disney World, Kristen took her passion for implementation and technology to the retail world and worked on store openings and POS transitions.  Combining the ticketing and POS skills she moved onto OmniTicket Network to help manage key client accounts and build a unique support team and infrastructure.  Her natural ability to analyze complex situations, identify opportunities, and implement effective strategies set her apart as a strategic thinker and problem solver, which helped catapult her into the leading the global operations team for Vivaticket.   With a deep understanding of market dynamics and a keen eye for emerging trends, Kristen has successfully spearheaded numerous initiatives that have propelled organizations to new heights. Her strategic vision, combined with her strong analytical skills, enables her to make informed decisions that optimize performance and drive sustainable growth.   Kristen and Dave are known for their collaborative approach and ability to build strong relationships with stakeholders at all levels. Which is why it is no surprise to see the two of them team up again in this space as The Recur Group.

Ernie Justice

Consultant - Web Sales & Integrations

Ernest brings years of web development experience in the leisure industry to The Recur Group. He has...

Randy Ross

Randy Ross

Consultant - Fraud Prevention

Keith Berger

Keith Berger

Consultant - Infrastructure Design

25+ year Hospitality technology veteran with the Largest Theme Park and Resort Company in the world. Responsible...

Randy is a titan in fraud prevention. Randy has added his talents to San Diego Zoo, Universal Studios...

Dave Carey in an office

Dave Carey, ICAE

Founder & Senior Consultant

Dave boasts an extensive career spanning four decades in the leisure technology sector. Throughout his career, he has worked with notable industry players such as OmiTicket Network/VivaTicket, VGS, Gateway Ticketing Systems, and Entertainment Benefits Group. Dave's initial experience working in the parks at Walt Disney World fostered his passion for the industry, eventually leading him to hold professional positions working with the technology utilized at leisure venues. Dave has honed his expertise in ticketing systems, having started with VGS (later OmniTicket and VivaTicket) during the implementation of their system at Walt Disney World in the mid-90s. He then ascended to director-level positions with the company and worked on system installations at Disney's Animal Kingdom, Hong Kong Disneyland, Dollywood, Wet n' Wild, and Universal's Islands of Adventure. Post his tenure with OmniTicket Network, Dave has held high-level positions with Entertainment Benefits Group and Gateway Ticketing Systems, where he was engaged in operations and product functions. Kristen and Dave's professional association at Walt Disney World and OmniTicket Network have rendered them ideal collaborators for The Recur Group. Drawing upon their wealth of experience and knowledge, they endeavor to present the company as a comprehensive solution for venues seeking to enhance or replace their current systems.

Randy Josselyn

Randy Josselyn, ICAE

Consultant - Nonprofits

Randy Josselyn is an expert in ticketing systems, theme park marketing, and waterpark design/operations. Previously...

Barbara Falfas

Barbara Falfas

Consultant - Implementation

Dedicated implementation analyst with over 20 years of experience working with clients in the entertainment/hospitality...

Heather Godbach

Heather Goldbach

Consultant - Live Events

Heather has been a force in the live events industry for over 25 years. She has extensive ticketing experience...

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