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Profile picture Heather Goldbach

Heather Goldbach

Consultant - Live Events

Heather Goldbach brings more than 25 years of diverse industry experience, with a significant background in the entertainment and ticketing sector. She has worked in varying roles across numerous ticketing companies and has a rich history as a Box Office Manager and a touring professional. 

Today, Heather leverages her extensive experience and broad skill set as a Consultant and President of Plain Jane Productions, providing expertise in business operations, social media improvement, and website redesign, among other business areas. 

Heather has an acute ability to identify inefficiencies, pain points, and any elements hindering organizational success. She provides practical solutions, helping businesses overcome obstacles and improve their overall operational performance. Whether a company needs to restructure or start from scratch, Heather offers comprehensive planning, building, and implementation services to ensure a successful venture. 

Prior to establishing Plain Jane Productions, Heather served as the Director of Operations at EBG, further honing her management and operational skills. Her fondness for creativity, problem-solving, planning, and big picture thinking makes her an invaluable asset in transforming business operations. 

If your business needs a fresh perspective or a solutions-oriented approach, Heather Goldbach can provide the expertise and guidance needed to enhance your organizational success. 

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