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Ernest Justice

Consultant - Web Sales & Integrations

Ernest Justice, a highly skilled Senior Software Engineer, currently serves at FreedomPay. Adept in a broad range of technical skills, his expertise encompasses .NET Framework, AngularJS, React.js, SQL, C#, Entity Framework, and Microsoft Azure. Over the years, Ernest has consistently demonstrated dedication and adaptability, earning him a reputation for his passion and evolving knowledge in his field. 

Prior to joining FreedomPay, Ernest held the position of Principal Software Engineer at Gateway Ticketing Systems, where he leveraged his advanced software development skills to drive significant improvements in system performance and functionality. He also made substantial contributions as a Senior Software Developer at TBL and Software Developer at Trifecta Technologies, continually proving his technical prowess and commitment to excellence. 

Ernest's solid foundation in the field of software engineering is backed by a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from DeSales University. This robust academic background, combined with his years of practical experience, has enabled Ernest to solve complex technical challenges and contribute meaningfully to every project he undertakes. 

Respected by peers and known for his deep commitment, Ernest Justice is a valuable asset in the realm of software engineering, delivering superior results and driving innovation at every turn. 

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