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Barbara Falfas

Consultant - Implementation

Barbara Falfas is a seasoned Point of Sale (POS) & Ticketing Consultant, specializing in tailoring robust POS solutions to meet the unique needs of her clients. Recognized for her expertise in configuration and system reviews, she thrives on leveraging best practices and innovative marketing/pricing strategies. Barbara approaches her work with a focus on the bigger picture, developing systems grounded on solid foundations and logical structures. 

Her consulting role involves working closely with clients during demonstrations and database builds, answering questions and offering insights on forward-thinking implementations. Barbara's extensive experience enables her to review past practices critically, positioning her as a change agent who consistently drives better reporting and usage practices. 

Prior to her current role, Barbara distinguished herself as a Consulting Specialist, POS Administrator & Ticketing Consultant, Data & Implementation Analyst, and Implementation Analyst. In each role, she demonstrated a strong commitment to client satisfaction, creating relational databases tailored to client needs, training clients on software use and administrative setup, and troubleshooting software issues. Barbara's problem-solving skills and dedication to enhancing software functionalities have made her an invaluable asset to her team. 

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